WELCOME to Eco Art 36

Hi! My name is Debi Waller, an eco-artist based in central France and on these pages you will discover mixed media artworks and creations using a variety of materials that are usually recuperated, recycled, or natural. A decade ago I discovered the works of Arcabas, from a book I found in a second-hand store. From this I was inspired to use natural pigments and make my own paints and have never looked back. I have since experimented with many techniques and materials. I’ve learnt to make: paper from vegetables and plants, charcoal sticks from my grapevine and willow tree, pigments from local soils (and from those I find on my travels), glues and binders from gelatine and soya milk, and more recently print-making from plants (eco-printing) to mention a few.

My interests and inspirations are varied and this reflects in my works: paintings, wall hangings, wire sculptures, bespoke books.

Les Pierres Jaum√Ętres: Landscape painting using natural pigments and collage.

I also love to share my knowledge and offer short courses and workshops in paper-making, making art materials, and eco-printing. For those further afield there is on-site accommodation available.